Benefits of Joining


Why Join As a Distributor?


As a Distributor, you can earn extra income by introducing friends and family to Shaklee products with the potential to build a team and earn a significant income. Either way, it’s as flexible as you need it to be, to create the future you decide you want.


You’ll receive a 15%–25% discount on products you purchase, with the potential to earn up to 16% in price differential, up to 20% on group purchases and up to 14% in bonuses paid on purchases within your larger organization. You can also earn car payments, trips, as well as exciting additional bonuses through ourFastTRACK program.*


The rewards are many, and not all of them are financial, although that’s a big part of it. Watch our Distributor videos below to learn more.


* 15% discount and 10% AutoShip discount on many of our most popular products. Price differential is between Director price and Member price. 20% is based on 2000 PGV.




Why Join As a Member?


As a Member, you get 15–25% off all of our products, plus exclusive offers. While using our products, you may decide to share them and can upgrade to Distributor for income and rewards. Watch our Member videos on the right to learn more.