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Here we offer evidence of what may or may not be ghosts. Most of our evidence is auditory, recorded on digital voice recorders, “Spirit boxes” of two or three types or actually heard with our ears. What do you hear? Do you think these are the voices of ghosts, a living person or just a figment of imagination?


This evidence was gathered when we were still with East Central Wisconsin Paranormal Investigations and later as Wolf River Ghost Society.  


Wear good ear-covering headphones when listening to these. Small earbuds are not adequate for evaluating evidence.

The Oshkosh Northwestern newspaper building is a beautiful example of Art Deco style, opening in 1930. We were invited in for a Halloween investigation and were excited to be allowed access to the beautiful interior. This voice was recorded from a Spirit Box session.  Do you hear what we heard?

Another Halloween investigation in a beautiful Victorian theater. We were allowed in from 4:30AM to 9AM on Halloween. The theater was empty until around 8:30, when a tour group was allowed to go through the building. We have taken this into account. There are many great ghost tales associated with this theater. Our experience is just one more. This is what we heard—what do you hear?

A distressed owner contacted us to investigate a former Catholic seminary he had taken ownership of. With reports of ghost priests, shadow figures, strange noises and more, it was a privilege to be able to investigate this facility on several occasions over a period of months. The property is now under new ownership which does not allow ghost investigating.

This investigation concerned an old home in the town of Peshtigo Wisconsin, famous for being the geographic center of the Great Peshtigo Fire back in the late 19th century. Hundreds died as a result of this conflagration, including 100 people in a boarding house that once stood a few dozen feet from the site of this home. Listen and tell us what you hear.

Wolf River Ghost Society

Kingman, Arizona

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